Description: Governors Conference in Boston. Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. John Anderson meet with the National Governors Association, including Govs. Jerry Brown, Ella Grasso, Reubin Askew, Dixie Lee Ray, Ed Herschler, James Longley, Harvey Wollman, Richard Lamm, Meldrim Thomson, Mike O'Callaghan, and Richard Snelling. End of the discussion on health care and insurance policy. Governor Dukakis speaks and Senator Kennedy responds. Many closeups on Kennedy, Dukakis, and audience pans. Governor Snelling introduces John Anderson and the panel on government regulations. Cuts of Anderson's speech about the problem of over-regulation by Congress and the legislative veto, with shots of governors around the table. The Director of the US Office of Management and Budget, James T. McIntyre, speaks to the same issues. Rep. Anderson takes questions.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 08/28/1978