Description: B-roll of clerical workers. Women using Royal electric typewriters. Sound effects of key strokes and carriage return bell. Rotary dial telephone. Row of desks. Rubber stamp, rolodex, stapler, adding machine.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 03/02/1977
Description: David Boeri reports that Boston Deputy Superintendent of Police William Celester has been accused of sexual assault by a female employee of the Police Department. Boeri reviews the allegations. He notes that neither the department nor Celester will comment on the ongoing investigation. Interview with Rafe Kelly of St. John's Missionary Baptist Church. Kelly talks about the case from the victim's point of view. This edition of the Ten O'Clock News also included the following item: Callie Crossley reports on the documentary film Street Cop, set in Roxbury
1:00:05: Visual: Footage of William Celester (Boston Police Department) in uniform, sitting behind a desk. David Boeri reports that Celester has been attacked by community activists in the past; that he has been accused of ineffectiveness at fighting drug dealers. Boeri notes that Celester has been cleared of an accusation that he participated in the cover-up of a rape of an African American girl by white police officers. V: Shot of Celester in plain clothes as he enters a building; of Celester in uniform as he speaks to a reporter. Boeri reports that Celester's 19-year career in the police deparment has been threatened by another accusation. Boeri stands in the rain, outside of a residential house. Boeri reports that he obtained a copy of a Boston Police Department internal complaint, which accuses Celester of sexual assault against another employee in 1984. Boeri notes that the alleged victim says that Celester and a friend sexually assaulted her at the home of the friend. Boeri adds that the victim says that she went to the home because Celester had offered to help her study for a police entrance exam. V: Footage of Reverend Rafe Kelly (St. John's Missionary Baptist Church) being interviewed by Boeri. Kelly says that he believes the woman. Boeri says that Kelly listened in on a phone conversation between Celester and the victim in 1984. V: Footage of Kelly describing the conversation between Celester and the victim. Kelly says that Celester was making sexual advances to the victim over the telephone. Kelly says that he is sure that the voice on the telephone was that of Celester. Boeri stands outside of a police department building. Boeri reports that police department spokesmen will not comment; that a hearing of the charges against Celester is ongoing. Boeri says that Celester will not comment on the charges. Boeri says that Celester has told The Boston Herald that the victim is "half nuts" and that she came up with the story when he tried to fire her.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 03/31/1987