Description: 08/25/1970 air piece on the next day's "Women's Strike Day" activities. Rosemarie Van Camp interviews many women at Government Center plaza on their feelings about the demonstration and the Women's Liberation Movement in general, some speak is support and other in opposition. 03/27/1970 air piece about the Women's Liberation Movement's attempts to meet with playboy bunnies to offer their solidarity as women despite their protest of Playboy magazine. 03/08/1970 silent air piece on a women's rights march on Beacon Hill. B-roll of women working in an office. 08/26/1970 footage of a woman speaking about the Women's Strike for Equality. Governor Frank Sargent congratulates her and notes his support of more women in government. A woman asks Governor Sargent about his support for the proposed Equal Rights Amendment. Shots of the crowd.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 03/08/1970, 03/27/1970, 08/24/1970, 08/25/1970
Description: Women's rights march on Beacon Hill and through downtown Boston. They gather at Government Center plaza. Woman sings women's rights folk song. Cuts of women speaking at a podium, especially about the issue of equal pay. One woman in the crowd argues that women already have more rights than men and criticizes the women speaking at the demonstration. Young people do a skit on stage. Closeups of people in the crowd, and signs with women's rights slogans. Quick clip of Governor Sargent speaking in the crowd. Rosemarie Van Camp does several takes of reporter standup. Sounds goes in and out throughout the video.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 08/26/1970
Description: Day 3 after blizzard, traffic around Charles Circle at base of Beacon Hill. People walking on Charles Street. Car drive on unplowed roads. Pigeons search sidewalk for food.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 04/07/1982