Description: Silent and sounds footage from a story on Ralph Abernathy and the Boston segment of the Poor People March in Washington, including an Abernathy making an address at Northeastern University and a speech at Boston Common. Additional footage includesSouthern Christian Leadership Conference members marching. People gathering supplies and boarding buses for Poor Peoples March. Man puts "I have a dream" bumper sticker on car. Interview with Mr. Frederick on the cost of Poor Peoples March. Two men fight on the street. Reporter standup. Footage of the march. Silent interviews with people on the street. Crowds boarding Greyhound buses to Resurrection city.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 05/09/1968
Description: Compilation of stories on the hippie movement in Boston. 06/21/1968 air piece by John Henning describing the surge of the hippie movement in Boston and the psychologist, Dr. Stanley Klein, appointed by Mayor White to study the problems arising between hippies and other members of the Boston community. B-roll following story includes footage of Klein meeting with groups of hippies and others. Interview with Klein about the progress made in the meetings. Another man also comments. Cutaways of John Henning for edited piece. Outtakes of reporter standup. 06/23/1968 interview with Mr. Griswold on an unauthorized rock concert held by hippies on the Boston Common. Shots of groups of hippies on the Boston Common. Boston Common sign. Hippies cleaning up the common. 06/25/1968 interview with barber on the problems the hippie movement has caused for his business. 06/26/1968 Andy MacMillan interviews Judge Elijah Adlow on the hippie movement. 06/27/1968 footage of Boston City Council hearings on hippies. Barney Frank, in his capacity as Mayor White's administrative aide, reads a statement from Kevin White to the City Council. City Councilor Christopher Iannella addresses the City Council on the dangers of the hippies taking over the Common. Hippies watch the hearing from the balcony. Governor John Volpe makes a press statement on hippies.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 06/1968
Description: A hearing with a panel of men ask another man questions about drug use, specifically speed, heroin, and LSD in the hippie movement. They ask another man questions about his personal drug use and dealing. He calls marijuana a harmless drug. They ask questions about drug trafficking in the hippie movement on the Boston Common. The man tells a story about young suburban kids coming to aggravate the hippies living on the Common, and start fights.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 1968
Description: Rosemarie Van Camp interviews a young man about the crowd of Students for a Democratic Society members who took over the president of a college's office. Two young men playing trumpet and saxophone. Speakers address a crowd near the Boston Common at an anti-Vietnam War demonstration. Speakers include Paul Parks, Father McMannis, and Kevin White, condemning the war. Mayor White also addresses the recent Kent State shooting and violence on other college campuses. Silent footage of the Northeastern University Law National Law Enforcement Seminar. Sound footage of hippies and other people lying about on a grass lawn listening to a musical performance.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 05/1970
Description: Compilation of footage concerning women's liberation. People parachuting. A ceremony honoring servicewomen. Auditorium full of people. Exteriors of Harvard building (888 Memorial Drive) taken over by women and renamed the "Boston Women's Center." Crowd of children outside the taken over building. People outside the door to the Massachusetts House of Representatives Gallery. Governor Frank Sargent outside of the State House, with women addressing crowd about women's liberation. Older people eating meals in a cafeteria. Friends of Louise Bryun Walk for Peace gathered at Copley Square and march through downtown Boston. Louis Bruyn is a woman who walked from her home in Newton, Mass. to Washington, D.C. to protest the Vietnam War in 1971. Exteriors of the Boston Public Library. People on benches at the Boston Common. Women, and a few men, at a banquet. Riverside community resident holds a press conference. Dormitory, possibly a women's prison. Press conference in front of "Boston Women's Center." Exteriors of Old Cambridge Baptist Church. Exteriors of Lyons Hall and other campus environs at Boston College. Women march out of "Boston Women's Center" with banners. Women wrapped in blankets guard the door. Closeups on the electric box outside the building. International Women's Day demonstration on Boston Common in front of the State House. Women speaking at an event.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 03/1971
Description: Boston Common, Public Garden, John Hancock building, Prudential Center, Commonwealth Avenue, Boylston and Charles Streets, Government Center, snow falling, people playing in the snow.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 01/17/1985