Description: Compilation of stories on the hippie movement in Boston. 06/21/1968 air piece by John Henning describing the surge of the hippie movement in Boston and the psychologist, Dr. Stanley Klein, appointed by Mayor White to study the problems arising between hippies and other members of the Boston community. B-roll following story includes footage of Klein meeting with groups of hippies and others. Interview with Klein about the progress made in the meetings. Another man also comments. Cutaways of John Henning for edited piece. Outtakes of reporter standup. 06/23/1968 interview with Mr. Griswold on an unauthorized rock concert held by hippies on the Boston Common. Shots of groups of hippies on the Boston Common. Boston Common sign. Hippies cleaning up the common. 06/25/1968 interview with barber on the problems the hippie movement has caused for his business. 06/26/1968 Andy MacMillan interviews Judge Elijah Adlow on the hippie movement. 06/27/1968 footage of Boston City Council hearings on hippies. Barney Frank, in his capacity as Mayor White's administrative aide, reads a statement from Kevin White to the City Council. City Councilor Christopher Iannella addresses the City Council on the dangers of the hippies taking over the Common. Hippies watch the hearing from the balcony. Governor John Volpe makes a press statement on hippies.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 06/1968