Description: Review of the first few years of court ordered desgregation, including explosion of racism and violence, and the heavy police patrol required to keep things under control. Garrity is still in charge of the Boston schools. Although things are more quiet, and certain programs are working , like magnet schools, a high percentage of Boston students are still significantly under the national average. The Boston school system is also still overwhelmingly made up of minority students. Black parents propose ‘freedom of choice’ plan. Interviews with Robert Peterkin, Robert Spillane, and other officials. Classroom scenes of the current school system,highlighting Mildred Reed and her daughter Kim. They are Jamaica Plain residents, and Kim is bused to Brighton High School. Interview with Kim, where she talks about the benefits of being bused. Scenes of Kim getting on the bus, the bus ride, and in school.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 01/11/1984