Description: Sam Fleming reports that Jesse Jackson is campaigning in New Hampshire. Some consider Jackson to be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, but many political observers doubt Jackson's chances of winning the nomination. Jackson addresses supporters at a campaign rally, including about his support for the gay and lesbian community. Interviews with enthusiastic Jackson supporters in New Hampshire. Jackson tells reporters that his race is not as important as his credentials. He addresses another rally on the need for national affordable health care. Interview with Joe Grandmaison the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, who says that it would not be wise to underestimate Jackson and his campaign. This edition of the Ten O'Clock News also included the following item: Ray Flynn, Michael Dukakis, and Bruce Bolling discuss linkage between Chinatown development and Parcel 18 in Roxbury
1:00:54: Visual: Footage of Jesse Jackson (Democratic candidate for US President) getting his picture taken in front of the fall foliage in New Hampshire. Jackson walks into a rustic building. Sam Fleming reports that Jackson is trying to secure voter support in New Hampshire; that Jackson is considered to be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. V: Shots of Jackson shaking hands with New Hampshire voters. Shot of Jackson addressing the crowd. The crowd applauds. Fleming reports that many political observers doubt Jackson's chances of winning the nomination; that Jackson is not paying attention to the "conventional wisdom" of the political observers. V: Footage of Jackson addressing the crowd. Shots of members of the crowd. Jackson talks about speaking at last weekend's rally for gays and lesbians in Washingon D.C. Jackson says that the voices of gays and lesbians deserve to be heard. Fleming notes that Jackson is reaching out to the dispossesed. V: Footage of Jackson talking about his efforts to build a diverse coalition of supporters. Jackson says that his leadership will put the nation on a course for jobs, peace, and justice. The crowd applauds. Shots of individual audience members. Footage of an older white female voter saying that Jackson is "energizing"; of a white female voter saying that she hopes that Jackson has a chance at the nomination. Footage of an older white male voter saying that some critics are trying to create a negative image of Jackson; that Jackson is "electable." Footage of Jackson speaking to reporters. A reporter asks Jackson if an African American can win the Democratic nomination. Jackson says that the issue of his race should be left to "God"; that the issue of his credentials should be left up to the voters. Fleming notes that Jackson has been questioned about the state of his marriage. V: Footage of Jackson telling reporters that he will not speculate about rumors; that he is fighting to win the nomination. Fleming reports that Jackson opened his campaign office in Manchester, N.H. V: Footage of a crowd gathered in front of Jackson's campaign office. Shot of a white female voter holding a hand-made Jackson campaign sign. The crowd begins to chant, "We want Jesse." Jackson shakes hands with voters outside of the office. Shots of an older white man; of a young African American boy in the crowd. Jackson addresses the crowd. Jackson talks about the need for a national health care system. Jackson says that he will provide "bold leadership." Fleming notes that Jackson did well with white Democratic voters in New Hampshire in 1984. Fleming reports that one Jackson campaign supporter said that the Jackson campaign lacked an organized structure; that fundraising so far has been minimal. Fleming adds that some voters see Jackson as a candidate supported mainly by African Americans. V: Shots of Jackson addressing a crowd; of individual members of the crowd. Footage of Joe Grandmaison (Chairman, New Hampshire Democratic Party) saying that no one underestimates the strength of Jackson and his message. Footage of Jackson addressing the crowd about the need to save jobs, schools, farms, and the environment, and to "give peace a chance." The crowd chants along with Jackson and applauds for him. Shot of an elderly woman at the Jackson campaign rally.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 10/12/1987