Description: Interview with residents at Orient Heights housing project about prejudice among residents, and outside groups, including white supremacy groups, coming in causing trouble. Two white boys say “the white kids don't want to live with the blacks or the spics [sic].” Interview with woman from Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights about unresponsiveness of city officials to racial violence, following fire bombing of Guatemalan family by 200 whites. Interview with man from an advocacy group on the history of similar racially motivated attacks in East Boston and the lack of response from the community and officials. He mentions that violence in housing projects, specifically, is not given enough attention by the police. He also describes lawsuits brought by minorities who have been discriminated against. Exteriors of Orient Heights project, many windows boarded up. Black and white kids play. Mural of JFK and Big Bird.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 07/27/1978