Description: Interview with Albert "Dapper" O'Neil during his run for Suffolk County sheriff. He accuses his oppenent of corruption and complains that no Boston newspapers will report the negative allegations he has made against his opponent. He discusses his plan to make the sheriff's department more visible and says "I'm a law and order man." He discusses his plan for the Charles St. Jail. He defends the office of the sheriff in the face of claims that the state should take over its responsibilities. He accuses the current sheriff of patronage and speaks against it in his campaign. He expresses his conservatism against the liberalism of the current sheriff., which includes his position against furloughs and halfway houses. He explains how he got the nickname "Dapper." He explains why he thinks former mayor and governor James Curley is the greatest man that ever lived. Video dropout in the middle of the video.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 09/07/1978