Description: In studio, Bob Colt introduces Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II. He states that Congress should be more directly involved in the decision to get involved in the Persian Gulf. He describes the magnitude of the upcoming conflict. He concedes Iraq’s aggressive actions, but states that direct action in Iraq will result in many casualties. He states that the sanctions should be given time to work and that the United States is overreacting. He criticizes President George H.W. Bush’s stated goals for the war. He discusses Kuwait’s past behavior in exporting oil and the misguided push for aggression to resolve the situation. He discusses the suit against President Bush relating to his decision to go to war without consulting Congress. He suggests changes to Middle East policy.
Collection: CCTV
Description: Rose Kennedy Afternoon Campaign Tea Party. Ted Kennedy's wife Joan, their children, and campaign manager Joseph Kennedy on stage in front of a cheering crowd. Ted Kennedy Jr. introduces Rose Kennedy onto stage and she speaks to the crowd. Reporter voice over with no image. Footage of Ted Kennedy speaking in front of a crowd in a tent. Shot of Michael Dukakis in the crowd. Ted Kennedy on the stage with Rose Kennedy at the Tea Party event. Sound.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 09/12/1976