Description: David Boeri reports on drug traffic in the Franklin Development Project. William Sommers, the Boston Inspectional Services Commissioner tours a condemned building on Homestead Street. Interviews with Sommers and Pat Farreta about the problems in the building. Ferrata talks about drug dealers who sell drugs from their apartments. Boeri talks to a tenant, who refuses to comment on the drug traffic in the building. Boeri reports on a plan for increased police presence in the community to combat drug and footage of police making a drug arrest. Interview with Roxbury community leader Don Muhammad about how to solve the drug problem in the community. Following the edited story is b-roll of the Roxbury neighborhood around the Franklin Development Project. Also, additional footage from the tour of condemned buildings with Commissioner Sommers and Pat Ferrata. This edition of the Ten O'Clock News also included the following item: Ray Flynn proposes to increase the number of Boston residents working in Boston jobs
1:00:08: Visual: Footage William Sommers (Inspectional Services Commissioner, Boston) touring a condemned building on 157 Homestead Street in Roxbury. Shots of a rotted stairway; of a the structural beams showing through a wall. Footage of Sommers pointing to a rotted ceiling in an apartment. Shots of Sommers standing in the stairwell of the building. David Boeri reports that Sommers condemned the building at 157 Homestead Street on the previous day; that the tenants will be relocated while the building is repaired. V: Footage of Sommers saying that he has written up thousands of housing violations for the Franklin Development Project. Footage of African American tenants moving furniture from the decrepit building. Boeri reports that Sommers blames the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for neglecting this building and others. V: Shot of a cockroach crawling along a dirty wall. Shots of African American tenants in the lobby of the building. The lobby walls are covered with graffiti. Footage of Sommers saying that there needs to be continuous support for urban housing; that he does not want to repair this building only to see it fall apart again. Boeri stands in front of the building on Homestead Street. Boeri reports that the city will have to fight the drug pushers in the building. V: Footage of Pat Farreta (Housing Inspector) saying that drug buyers will smash down the front doors of buildings in order to reach the apartment of a drug dealer. Shot of a door covered in graffiti. Shots of an African American man removing cabinet doors from the building on Homestead Street. Boeri reports that tenants of these buildings are terrorized by drug dealers. V: Footage of Ferreta saying that tenants report that drugs are being dealt through a hole in the door of one of the apartments. Shot of Boeri, Sommers and Ferreta standing together. Ferreta says that drugs will be dealt in the building that evening if he does have the building secured. Boeri reports that Mrs. Walker (tenant) will be moved to a hotel or shelter while her apartment is fixed. V: Footage of Mrs. Walker looking away from the camera. She says that she does not want to talk about it. Boeri stands in front of the building on Homestead Street. Boeri reports that tenants are afraid of reprisals if they talk about the drug problem; that tenants have told him off-camera that drug dealing occurs day and night in the building. V: Footage of a handcuffed woman getting into a police cruiser. A white police officer closes the cruiser door. Shots of police officers standing on the sidewalks in Roxbury. Boeri reports that the court-appointed trustee for the Franklin Development Project used $300,000 of federal money to hire Boston Police officers to remove drug dealers. Boeri notes that Boston Police officers will be continually present on the streets of Roxbury for 30 days. V: Shot from a moving vehicle of police officers standing on a sidewalk. Boeri reports that community activists disagree about whether the police presence is a good thing. V: Shot of Boeri walking on a street with Don Muhammad (Roxbury community leader}. Footage of Muhammad saying that the community needs leadership more than it needs police; that absentee landlords and irresponsible tenants are part of the problem. Muhammad says that residents would drive out the drug pushers if they owned the buildings. Muhammad urges the courts to punish drug dealers to the full extent of the law. Muhammad compares a drug pusher to "someone who is driving an automobile at 150 mph in a 30 mph zone when children are crossing the street."
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 07/24/1986