Description: Meg Vaillancourt reports that Lee Atwater, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, visited Massachusetts for a Republican Party fundraiser. Vaillancourt reports that Atwater is optimistic about the Massachusetts Republican Party and has been making efforts to recruit minorities to the Republican Party. Students at Howard University protest Atwater's trusteeship at Howard University. Critics accuse the Republican Party of racist politics. David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan wizard, at a press conference. Vaillancourt notes that Atwater denies exploiting racial issues in 1988 presidential campaign advertisements. Vaillancourt's report features footage of Atwater speaking at the fundraiser. Atwater predicts that the next governor of Massachusetts will be a Republican. Atwater defends the Willie Horton campaign advertisements and condemns David Duke. Atwater shakes hands with Herman Wheeler, the President of the MBTA Police Officers Association, who recently switched his allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. This edition of the Ten O'Clock News also included the following item: Jesse Jackson addresses students at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
1:00:00: Visual: Footage of Lee Atwater (Chairman, Republican National Committee) speaking at a Republican fundraiser in Watertown, Massachusetts. Atwater says that Massachusetts will see no real progress until the state elects a Republican governor. Shots of audience members listening to Atwater. Meg Vaillancourt reports that Atwater visited Massachusetts for a fundraiser; that he was not afraid to attack former rival Michael Dukakis (Governor of Massachusetts). V: Footage of Atwater speaking at the press conference. Atwater says that he can "smell" a Republican victory in the Massachusetts air. Shot of Atwater shaking hands with attendees of the fundraiser. Vaillancourt reports that Atwater has had a few setbacks recently. Vaillancourt reports that one of Atwater's goals is to increase minority membership in the Republican Party; that Atwater was recently forced to resign from the Board of Trustees of Howard University when African American students staged a three-day protest. V: Footage of student protests at Howard University on February 8, 1989. Vaillancourt reports that students were angry over the Republican Party's exploitation of race in the presidential campaign. V: Shot of a black and white photo of Willie Horton (furloughed convict). Vaillancourt reports that Atwater denies that the Republican Party exploited race in the Willie Horton campaign advertisements. V: Footage of Atwater speaking at the fundraiser. Atwater says that the Republican Party was opposed to Dukakis's criminal furlough program. Vaillancourt reports that critics say that racist politics resulted in the election of David Duke (former wizard of the Ku Klux Klan) as the Republican candidate for governor of Lousiana. V: Footage of Duke at a press conference; of a Duke campaign sticker. Footage of Atwater at the fundraiser. Atwater says that Duke is a racist "charlatan"; that Duke has no place in the Republican Party. Atwater says that the Democrats should focus on Reverend Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam leader). Shots of attendees at the fundraiser. Vaillancourt reports that Atwater highlighted the efforts of the Massachusetts Republican Party to attract African American voters; that Atwater welcomed a president of an MBTA patrolmen's union. Vaillancourt notes that the president of the patrolmen's union has switched parties. V: Footage of Atwater shaking the hand of Herman Wheeler (President, MBTA Police Officers Association). Atwater tells Wheeler that it takes courage to switch parties; that the Republican Party needs courageous members. Shot of audience members, including Ron Kaufman (Republican National Committee). Vaillancourt reports from the Republican Party fundraiser. Vaillancourt says that Atwater's speech to the Massachusetts Republican Party was optimistic. Vaillancourt notes that the Republican Party has recently lost two special Congressional elections; that there is another special Congressional election in Wyoming tomorrow. Vaillancourt reports that some are wondering why Atwater is not in Wyoming today. V: Footage of Atwater saying that he would risk being called an "outsider" if he went to Wyoming to campaign. Atwater says that he hopes the Party will win the election in Wyoming; that "all is not lost" if the Party loses the election. Atwater says that special elections do not portend the results of the next election cycle. Shots of attendees at the fundraiser; of Atwater greeting attendees. Vaillancourt reports that Atwater has a lot of work ahead of him.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 04/25/1989