Description: Candidates in the district attorneys' races in Suffolk and Middlesex counties. Interviews with Lloyd MacDonald, Ed Gargiulo, and Scott Harshbarger. John Droney and John Kerry, Droney's aide at the time, at a campaign event. Newman Flanagan, Guy Carbone, Paul Cavanaugh.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 09/15/1982
Description: Reporter Christopher Lydon talks about presidential campaign. Reporter Gail Harris reports on President Ronald Reagan's press conference about an environmental report; footage of Lieutenant Governor John Kerry, David Bartley, and Congressman James Shannon (all candidates for US Senate) commenting on acid rain. Bartley says Kerry and Shannon are not doing enough about acid rain. Harris reports on new seat belt and air bag regulations. Lydon presents mobster Raymond Patriarca obituary, compares Patriarca to "The Godfather." Harris reports on new technology for detecting cancer. Footage of South Norfolk Council for Children representative Cathy Wheeler telling story of "Angie." Reporter Meg Vaillancourt gives stats for residential programs for youth with mental health issues. Footage of New Bedford Council for Children representative Jean Peterson talking about budget. Philip Johnston, human services secretary talks about state of children's mental healthcare. Dr. Eli Newberger (of Children's Hospital) testifies on state funding of mental health support services for children. Dr. Michael Jellinek (Chief of Child Psychology at Mass. General Hospital) talks about budget. Vaillancourt talks about growing difficulty of mental health over time. Charles Fried (Harvard Law School) and Anthony Lewis (New York Times) studio interview on Supreme Court at term's end: apparently conservative trend and states' rights inclination in recent decisions. Broadcast ends with international news: OPEC; Libyan bombing; dock worker strike in Great Britain; correspondent in England talks about economic situation of British Pound Sterling.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 07/11/1984
Description: Crowd of anti-war veterans and other anti-war protesters on Lexington Green. Police arrest them and escort them into school buses. American flag waving in wind at night. Police officer makes an announcement to the crowd. Man addresses an full auditorium. Men in suits walk with protesters. John Kerry in fatigues talks with men in suits and marches with protesters. They walk into Robert F. Kennedy Hall.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 05/29/1971
Description: Story on the changes in the way women are voting, and the way they voted specifically in the 1984 presidential election. Interviews with women voters about the Mondale-Ferraro ticket. One woman says “If Godzilla were running against Reagan, I would have voted Godzilla." Interview with Rep. Susan Schur on the way the voters decided who to vote for in the 1984 presidential election, especially women voters. Footage from Bush/Ferraro vice-presidential debate. Interview with man on contemporary women's voting practices. Examination of women's voting in Massachusetts specifically, including for both Mondale/Ferraro, and for John Kerry in the Senate. Footage of many campaign rallies, including for Gary Hart, Mondale, Ferraro, Kerry, and Reagan. Massachusetts Republicans applaud Reagan, who embraces Dapper O'Neil on City Hall Plaza.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 11/08/1984