Urban Renewal

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Description: Story #10079. Reel begins with reporter voice over, followed by an interview with Mr. Jacobs, the Executive director of San Francisco's Planning and Urban Renewal Association, about urban renewal in Boston and his view of the city. Silent b-roll of various buildings and signs around the city. Reporter standup, in which he explains that about 2000 housing and development experts from around the country are in Boston for a meeting to discuss urban renewal and the impact of the 1974 Housing and development act on the nation. Silent b-roll of people at the conference (footage is a bit dark and blue), and more silent footage of buildings around the city. Reporter closing voice over. The rest of the reel consists of outtakes. Outtakes include silent footage of the Urban renewal conference meeting, housing and various street shots around Boston. Sound footage includes the rest of the interview with Mr. Jacobs and unused takes of the reporter's voice overs and standups. High contrast, image a little dark in places. Mix of sound and silent.