New Hampshire primary

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Description: A series of reports by several different reporters about the Democratic Presidential Primary in New Hampshire. Clark Booth reports on the aftermath of the primary and what is left behind. Footage includes reporter standup, campaign headquarters with only trash left, political cartoons, and reporter standup in front of the Galaxy Room, which has a sign calling it "ABC News New Hampshire Primary Headquarters. Mike Taibbi reports on Jimmy Carter and his performance at the Democratic primary. Footage includes celebration at the Carter Headquarters, part of Carter's victory speech, crowd chanting, reporter in the crowd, Carter walking through the crowd shaking hands. Clark Booth reports on Mark Udall. Footage includes Udall and staff eating ice cream, Udall Headquarters the night of the vote, a man proclaiming Udall leader of the progressive wing of the Democratic party, part of Udall's speech. Introduction for a story by Joe Day, but cuts out before the story begins. Very poor quality video. Sound.