Fighting drugs locally

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Description: Marcus Jones reports on efforts by the Roxbury community to fight drugs. Jones' reports includes footage of a community meeting with William Celester (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department) and Roxbury residents. Celester and Georgette Watson (Roxbury residents) talk about the need for residents to fight the drug trade. Watson and Lola Jenkins (Roxbury resident) talk about the need for more funding to help communities fight drugs. Jones notes that Watson runs the Drop-A-Dime Program in Boston. Jones' reports also includes footage of Watson walking through Dudley Square in Roxbury with Callie Crossley (WGBH reporter). Following the edited story is b-roll of the community meeting and of Dudley Square. Church's Chicken sign, liquor store front, church steeple, food stamp center, Ugi's Subs sign.
1:00:04: Visual: Footage of William Celester (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department) talking to a group of Roxbury residents. The residents are mostly African American. Shots of meeting attendees. Marcus Jones reports that Celester talked to residents about street patrols at an afternoon meeting at Boston Police Department Area B Headquarters. Jones reports that drugs have become a major problem in the Roxbury community. V: Footage of Georgette Watson (Roxbury resident) saying that residents have become soldiers in the war on drugs. Watson says that the community needs more resources to fight drugs. Jones reports that Watson runs the Drop-A-Dime program; that Drop-A-Dime is a drug crime hotline; that Drop-A-Dime receives some federal funding. V: Shots of Callie Crossley (WGBH reporter) walking with an African American woman and an African American man near Dudley Square in Roxbury; of plain-clothes police officers making a drug arrest. Footage of Watson saying that police officers and inner-city residents are fighting drugs; that federal lawmakers should give more funds to these efforts. Footage of Lola Jenkins (Roxbury resident) saying that money should be given to grassroots anti-drug efforts. Footage of Celester saying that people need to come down from their soapboxes; that people need to take action against drugs. Shots of Celester addressing the meeting. Jones reports that Celester believes that attention must be focused on local anti-drug efforts. V: Footage of Celester saying that drugs are not a "police problem"; that drugs are a "human service problem." Celester says that more money is needed to build jails and hospitals and to fund drug education. Shot of an African American police officer sitting in a police cruiser. The cruiser's lights are flashing.