Description: B-roll includes exterior footage of Boston City Hospital, women speaking at a news confernce, and audience of news conference, and a legislative hearing. Women at press conference speak about politicians and right to life groups creating regulations that are making abortions costly and difficult to obtain, legislation that goes against the Supreme Court's abortion ruling, and consent requirements that require unmarried women to have consent of her parents. Reporter stand-up in front of Boston City Hospital. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 05/13/1974
Description: Jack Fultz, winner of the 1976 Boston Marathon, surrounded by reporters and being interviewed at the finish line. The interview with Fultz is followed with shots of other runners and spectators at the finish line. Sound.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 04/19/1976
Description: Student from the Harvard Crimson reads a statement about student strike. Silent b-roll of people at the press conference and the students running it. More b-roll of the press conference and a shot of the exterior of the Harvard Crimson building. Blank film followed by cuts. Outtakes include more footage of the students reading their statement and answering questions. The footage of the students speaking at the press conference is very unstable. This instability is printed into the film and most likely caused by a loose film gate during the initial processing of the film. Mix of sound and silent. B-roll and outtakes.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 04/18/1972
Description: Story #1557. Women in costumes perform skits. Closeup on a sign that reads "International Tribunal on Abortion, Contraception and Forced Sterilization, October 21-22, New York City." B-roll of the people walking around the fair. Skits include a "dating game" spoof and satire of the office girl and businessman. Closeups on feminist buttons and signs. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 08/26/1972
Description: Silent footage of Mike Taibbi interviewing an African American man, Mr. Davis, who is the head of the job placement program at Selective Executives Incorporated. Two women at a registration desk hand out material. Two African American men sitting in chairs, a white man interviewing an African American woman, another shot of Taibbi and Mr. Davis. Sound footage of Davis discussing this special job placement program at the minority group placement center, which is connecting 260 minority group candidates to 30 participating companies. Image is unstable in some sections. Reporter standup wrapping up of the story. Begin outtakes which include more silent b-roll footage of the interview with Davis, women at the registration tables, people being interviewed for job placement, and more sound footage of the interview with Davis and outtakes of the reporter standup. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 04/15/1972
Description: A woman, Miss Tuttle, at a podium speaking about the loss of protection for schools, libraries, and book sellers with the new Obscenity bill. A man at a podium discussing the negativity of new obscenity legislation and how it should be dealt with. Another man, Quentin de Streel, speaking at the podium about the new Obscenity bill and it's affect on schools and libraries, followed by him answering a reporter's question. Cut to Miss Tuttle speaking again and answering reporter questions. Shot of a man in the street dancing. Silent b-roll of the press conference. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 04/30/1974
Description: Interview with a man, Richard Bates, about the recent bombings and calling for citizens to keep an eye open and let the FBI or some police agency know if they see or hear anything. Silent b-roll of the JFK federal building, a closed entrance sign, police patrolling a building, police at the Charlestown Navy Yard. People having to open their purses and bags before going onto a ship, tourists around the ship. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 07/03/1976
Description: Interviews with members of the New Hampshire Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Club about snowmobiling benefits to those who ride and the community. Interviews with two police officers about problems with snowmobilers. B-roll of people on snowmobiles driving down the road and through a field. People milling around outside the New Hampshire Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Clubhouse. Interview with a young boy and an older woman about snowmobiling. B-roll of the snowmobile club getting ready and riding through the woods and fields. Shots of snowmobile paths that run parallel and across the road. More b-roll of the snowmobile club members discussing their ride. Interview with an older woman about how she dislikes the irresponsible snowmobilers that give them a bad name. B-roll of trails, no trespassing signs, snowshoe tracks, and more people riding snowmobiles. Mix of sound and wild sound.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 03/02/1978
Description: Interview with Dr. Eggers about solar energy. Silent footage of solar panels on the school. Reporter standup followed by cuts. Outtakes include more of the interview with Dr. Eggers, several takes of McKay's standup, and silent b-roll of the solar panels on the building and models of the project. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 03/19/1974
Description: Interiors of Locke-Ober restaurant. Exteriors of Locke-Ober sign.. Locke-Ober didn't allow women in until 1970. Interview with woman eating lunch at Locke-Ober, about using her name to get a reservation since she goes by "Dr. Emmington," which most people don't think is a woman. Interview with another woman on her reasons for coming to lunch at a historically male-only establishment. Interview with Mr. Grecco on his feelings about women patronizing his restaurant. Outtake of reporter standup.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 08/26/1970