Charlestown High exterior

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Description: Buses with a police motorcycle escort pull up outside of Charlestown High School at the end of the first day of school. Police presence in front of the school is heavy. Members of the media watch from across the street as African American students and a few white students board buses. The buses pull away from the school, escorted by police motorcycles. White students wait to be released at the front doors of the school.
0:58:50: Visual: Buses pull up in front of Charlestown High School. Graffiti on front of school is painted over. Police line the sidewalk in front of the school. Police officers on motorcycles pull up alongside buses. Members of the press watch the buses pull up from across the street. 0:59:51: V: Long shot of large crowd making its way around opposite side of Monument Square. Media is gathered at the foot of the Bunker Hill Monument. Buses wait in front of the school as as a line of police officers assembles in the street. 1:01:43: V: A group of white students boards the first bus. African American students are directed towards buses. African American students board buses. Shot of Charlestown High School exterior. A lone African American student makes his way toward his bus. School officials and US Marshals gather outside of the school and in the street. Shots of students through the windows of the buses. Bus monitors board one of the buses. A police officer signals the buses to leave. The buses pull away from the school, accompanied by police officers on motorcycles. Traveling shot of bus passing through Monument Square. 1:06:56: V: White students wait at the doors of the school to be released. School officials are gathered in front of the school. Police officers march up the street away from the school. A group of US Marshals stands near the sidewalk in front of the school.