South Boston High School

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Description: No audio at the beginning. The first day of school at South Boston High School during Phase II desegregation of Boston schools. Helmeted members of the Tactical Patrol Force and US Marshals are present in the school yard and on the street. Exteriors of the South Boston High School building. Headmaster William Reid (Headmaster, South Boston High School), Charles Barry (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department), Peter Meade (Mayor's Office) and others confer on the street outside of the school. White students approach on foot. Buses carrying African American students arrive with a police motorcycle escort. Two groups of press photographers are cordoned off behind ropes in front of the school. African American students exit buses. A police helicopter circles the area.
0:00:37: Visual: Two police officers stand on a street corner in South Boston. 0:01:17: V: Helmeted police officers from the Tactical Patrol Force line up in front of South Boston High School. Police radios are audible. Shots of South Boston High School. Media and onlookers are gathered on sidewalk. US Marshals and small groups of officials are in the schoolyard and on G Street in front of the high school. Police question a student as he enters schoolyard. 0:04:04: V: A group of police officers walk into the street and continue down the hill on East 6th Street. Three African American students exit a police car and walk into the schoolyard. William Reid (Headmaster, South Boston High School), Peter Meade (Mayor's Office), Charles Barry (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department), and others converse in the street in front of the school. Two white students enter the schoolyard. Police are stationed at entrance of school; students enter. 0:06:06: V: Police line the streets. A group of three white students enters the schoolyard. 0:06:46: Helicopter noise is audible. V: Schoolbuses with police motorcycle escort are visible down East 6th Street, making their way toward the school. A station wagon arrives; three women and a police officer help a student out of the wagon. Four school buses with a police escort pull up in front of the school. Shots of the news media cordoned off behind a rope on either side of the entrance to the schoolyard. Several African American students enter schoolyard. A group of students exit a bus prematurely. The students are told to get back on the bus by an official. Shots of buses lined up; of helicopters overhead. Officials converse on street. African American students exit buses and enter schoolyard. Shot through a crowd of the front entrance of the school.