Boston School Report

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Description: Evening Compass special. Press conference at Boston City Hall during the second week of Phase I desegregation of Boston schools. Frank Tivnan (Director of Communications for Mayor Kevin White) introduces the speakers at the press conference. John Coakley (Boston School Department) gives school attendance figures and analyzes trends in attendance. Robert Kiley (Deputy Mayor, City of Boston) reports that sixteen people were arrested in South Boston and Roslindale today. Kiley voices his concern about the number of young people involved in violent incidents. Joseph Jordan (Superintendent, Boston School Department) and Charles Barry (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department) report that a bus was stoned while passing the Old Colony Housing Project in South Boston. Jordan and Barry report that 200 people were gathered outside of the housing project in the afternoon. Jordan is optimistic that the tension in South Boston will abate. The officials take questions from reporters about school attendance, police tactics in South Boston and the safety of bus routes.
3:02:56: Visual: Ed Baumeister reports live from Boston City Hall, at a briefing by Mayor Kevin White's office and the Boston School Department, after a day of violence and arrests stemming from court-ordered busing in Boston. Reporters include Walt Sanders and John Henning. 3:03:25: V: Frank Tivnan (Director of Communications for Mayor Kevin White) thanks the media for the opportunity to keep the public informed, then outlines the agenda and introduces the speakers: John Coakley (Boston School Department); Robert Kiley (Deputy Mayor, City of Boston); Joseph Jordan (Superintendent, Boston Police Department); Charles Barry (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department). 3:04:24: V: Coakley reports that 54,000 students (67.4% of projected enrollment) attended classes in grades 1 - 12. Shots of reporters looking at handout sheets and taking notes. Coakley notes that attendance decreased in South Boston High School, Roxbury High School, Gavin and McCormack middle schools and South Boston elementary schools but increased at other schools. Coakley gives further analysis of attendance numbers and notes some logistical issues to be resolved in the schools. 3:06:51: V: Kiley gives an overview of the day's events: 16 arrests in South Boston and Roslindale, and 2 injuries requiring hospital treatment. Shots of reporters taking notes. Kiley notes an upswing in calls from parents reporting bruises and minor injuries to their children in the schools. He says that the city is working hard to control and deter incidents of violence and is concerned at the number of young adolescents (aged 12-13) involved in violent incidents. 3:09:45: V: Superintendent Jordan reports on arrests in South Boston; he notes a slight reduction in tension among citizens. He voices the police commitment to the safety of students, calls the violence "deplorable" and is optimistic that the situation will abate. 3:12:00: V: Deputy Superintendent Barry reports that one student was injured by a projectile thrown at a bus in an incident in front of the Old Colony Project in South Boston; that the fine weather attracted many people to the streets, including 200 people outside of the project. Shots of reporters in audience. Jordan takes the microphone and reports that 2 youths were arrested in Roslindale. 3:13:56: V: The panelists take question from reporters. Kiley responds to questions about a possible NAACP motion for US Marshals to come to Boston. Barry responds to questions about the presence of police or US Marshals on buses. Coakley responds to questions about the accuracy of the school attendance figures. Kiley and Tivnan respond to questions about a communication lag between the site of the incidents in South Boston and the communications center at City Hall. Jordan responds to questions about the reaction of South Boston residents to a police rule banning assembly of large groups of people; about the incident outside the Old Colony Project; about security along bus routes; about new police tactics in the coming weeks; about maintaining personnel on the streets and the possibility of changing the bus routes. 3:22:35: V: The panelists take more questions from reporters. Coakley responds to questions about changes in school enrollment percentages from the day before. Kiley responds to questions about whether African American students are really safe in South Boston; about communication between the city government and community leaders in the Old Colony Project; about whether authorities learned about the incident at the Old Colony Project from MDC police. Barry responds to questions about a possible increased police presence at the Old Colony Project. Jordan responds to questions about whether the increased police presence in South Boston will keep South Boston parents from sending their children to school. Coakley responds to questions about the accuracy of attendance figures at South Boston High School; about whether it is possible to educate students in the environment at South Boston High School. 3:31:30: V: Tivnan closes by asking, "any other questions, gentlemen?" Reporters rise to leave. Kiley comments to Tivnan that there is a woman in the audience. Recording ends.